Production Notes

Trying to get the book into production has been an incredible learning experience for me. This post is more of a list of things I'm currently doing to try and get the book published and out to people. I'll edit this post when I either think of or find out about more stuff.

I decided to self-publish instead of looking for a publisher for a variety of reasons, but the main one is I like learning how things are done. I could have looked for a literary agent or simply contacted publishers trying to get it accepted and they would have done all of the work of getting the book out there (printing, marketing, distribution,etc.) Finding someone to take the book, I think, or at least I read on the internet, would have been as much or more work as what I'm doing right now and I wouldn't have learned as much.

There are lots of great resources online for how to go about self-publishing books, but they mainly deal with novels / books for adults.  There's less about children's publishing and I couldn't find much about board books at all.  With that in mind, take my decisions with a grain of salt as I'm making up a lot as I go along.

Things to do:

Identify printer - compare companies on price, shipping, insurance, credibility, print quality

Identify shipping options -research dropshipping, shipping materials, shipping costs.

Launch Kickstarter page:

  • Video
    • Storyboard video
    • Get locations and participants lined up
    • Shoot video
    • Edit Video
    • Publish video
  • Incentives
    • Poster
      • Design 
      • Identify printer
    • Stickers
      • Design
      • Get quotes
  • Make kickstarter website
    • Launch webpage
    • populate with content
  • Open Amazon payments page 

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