Kickstarter newsletter and more stuff to figure out

 Yesterday, "Are you my typeface?" got featured on the Kickstarter newsletter.  Thanks Kickstarter!  I had no idea that it had happened and only noticed when I started seeing pledges that had been referred from the newsletter page. It was really exciting.  I think the most exciting part was that people, especially parents, reacted so positively to the book. Every time someone mentioned they wanted to read the book with their children, it made me as a parent just step back and say "wow." That so many people have taken the time to pledge and send me messages is perhaps the most rewarding (no pun intended) part of the project so far.

There's still a lot of work done on my end, and the first order of business is to try and figure out international shipping. I'm really surprised and grateful for all of the support and interest this project has garnered from the international design and parenting community.  So hopefully I'm going to have the cost and logistics for international shipping figured out by the end of today and post updates on the main project page and in this space. Thanks for all of your help guys!



24 Days left!

Hey guys,

The kickstarter is going great.  8% funded so far.  I'm trying to get to more and more outlets for spreading the word.  I've added another backer reward.  People keep asking for a different ending to the book depending on their favorite font, so for the highest level of reward I'll rewrite the book to reflect your favorite font.  Comic Sans is not an option. No seriously guys, stop asking for Comic Sans.


Kickstarter Launched!

Hey everyone,

I launched the kickstarter on Friday, which was super exciting. I've been delaying and delaying as I tried to perfect different parts of the project.  Finally, I just decided I had to go for it and hit the launch button as I was heading out the door. I was going to a wedding in Maine and expected to have internet at the cottage we rented so I could send out emails, post on facebook etc. Unfortunately, the internet didn't work so I've been radio silent until today.  It was really great to get back this morning and see that some people had already signed up for the book.  Anyways, things are off to a great start. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. I'll keep posting to this space as things develop.